Action Bronson “Mr. Wonderful” Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklist


Action Bronson is gearing up for the release of his debut album, Mr. Wonderful.

Bronson took to Twitter in November to reveal that his forthcoming offering is unprecedented and he is very excited about it.

“There is no music in the world today that is even near this album I’ve created,” he wrote via the social media site. “I’m so f*ckin hyped.”

He also tweeted: “Grammys here we come hahahahaha.”

Bam Bam has since announced that the album will be released both digitally and as a compact disc March 24.

Mr. Wonderful boasts beats by The Alchemist, 40 and Mark Ronson, among others.

Meyhem Lauren, Party Supplies and Chance the Rapper are slated to be featured on the album.

The Mr. Wonderful cover art and tracklisting are as follows:

1. “Brand New Car”
2. “When I Rise”
3. “Terry”
4. “Actin Crazy”
5. “Falconry”
6. “City Boy Blues”
7.  “A Light In The Addict”
8. “Baby Blue”
9. “In Those Jeans”
10. “Only In America”
11. “Galactic Love”
12. “The Road”
13. “Easy Rider”


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