Chef Eddie Huang of ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Says Hip-Hop is the Music of Oppression


Eddie Huang’s 2013 memoir, Fresh Off The Boat, has been a point of interest in the news recently after his brand-new television show of the same name premiered earlier this month on ABC. The Taiwanese writer is receiving a ton of positive feedback from his new show, a sitcom which revolves around Huang’s life and experiences as an Asian-American. Not only does Huang attempt to expose and break down Asian stereotypes once and for all with the series—the first sitcom starring Asian-Americans since 1994—but he’s also attempting to make strides for the Eastern continent in American pop culture as a whole.

The show chronicles Eddie’s childhood as an 11-year-old hip-hop fanatic who relocates with his family from the Chinatown section of Washington, D.C. to a suburban Orlando neighborhood. In transitioning into their new surroundings, Eddie finds that outside of his cultural element, things are really strange, and his Asian ethnicity may be the cause of it all.

The Eddie character, played by child actor Hudson Yang, sports some of the sickest hip-hop tees on the market in the show and Eddie himself is widely known as a hip-hop fan, so XXL connected with the writer to discuss his new show, its near-immediate success and the backlash he’s received along the way.



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