Tree ‘New Or Leins/Training Day’


Chicago MC Tree just put out his latest release “New Or Leins/Training Day.” The raspy-voiced MC has been quiet recently as he gears up for his upcoming mixtape release, Trap Genius, but blesses us with his latest gem. On the new track, the Soul Trap spitter lays sandpaper bars about his interactions with a wayward female over dreamy production from beat making duo Blue Sky Black Death. The beat then switches over to an even more spacey concoction with Tree giving ode to the people of New Orleans.

XXL caught up with the Cabrini Green native back in 2013 where he defined his direction. “My aim is to give people a real look at music,” he said. “From my topics, they all deal with real life. The relationships with my family, my son, my father, my mother. Soul Trap is B.B. King rapping.”

Trap Genius hits the ‘Net, Feb. 24.



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