Bodega Bamz and Flatbush Zombies Have a Bad Trip in ‘Bring Em Out’ Video

Bodega Bamz is gearing up for the release of Sidewalk Exec, his Duck Down Music debut, and drops off the drug-influenced video for “Bring Em Out,” his strong collaboration with Flatbush Zombies. Things start innocently enough with the Tanboys and Flatbush chilling in the studio ordering Chinese food and discussing Nicolas Cage movies. But when Jewice breaks out a bag of Shrooms, things take a turn for the trippy. The crew starts hallucinating and when the delivery man knocks on the door, all hell breaks loose. Check out the video above.

Sidewalk Exec is due out next week and the East Harlem MC recently spoke with XXL about the project. Bamz and Flatbush Zombies have toured extensively together over the past few years and the rappers have developed a relationship that goes much deeper than music. “They are so intelligent, they are so inspiring,” Bamz said of the Zombies. “Just being around them and talking to them is a blessing and I know they get the same from me. When they went on tour, they could have picked anybody, they could have gone by themselves and they chose me. That was amazing that they chose me. Not only did they choose me, we went on the same bus. I didn’t go separate, we were actually living with each other for a month and a half. No arguments, no fights.”



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