Indie Artist Spotlight: Victoria Monet

Born in Georgia and raised in Sacramento, Victoria Monet is an artist with a unique sound worthy of notice and recognition. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Monet ambitiously pursues her passion for music as she continues to grow as an artist, making a name for herself in this tough business and exploring the vast wealth of opportunities music has to offer.

As a young girl, Monet looked up to Michael Jackson, playing a tape of his concert so many times that she eventually wore it out to the point that it broke. She felt drawn to the oldies, bonding with her grandmother over a shared love for The Temptations and other similar artists. Growing up, Monet maintained an active interest in music, always singing and staying involved with music opportunities at school and within her community throughout her childhood and as a young adult.

Although she has drawn influence from multiple artists from various genres and musical backgrounds, Monet’s sound is unique and decidedly her own, setting her apart from other artists. Soulful and powerful, Monet’s voice carries a beautiful quality that lends her to be easy to listen to and one you want to replay again and again. The passion she feels for music is clear within her songs, as she sings with conviction and infuses her melodies with her whole heart, undoubtedly allowing her to own that one-of-a-kind sound.

Monet pulls inspiration from the events of her daily life for her music, always staying true to herself and lending herself to be an authentic artist worthy of one’s notice. As an artist, Monet hopes to use her music as a means of relating to others, encouraging themto enjoy themselves as they experience her charismatic personality and feel her meaningful music. She hopes to be a positive example for people, inspiring and motivating others to step up and take hold of their dreams.

Already staying hard at work in the studio, Monet continues to grow as an artist and develop her sound that sets her apart from her musical peers. With an unquestionable natural talent, sincere devotion and charming personality, Victoria Monet is unlike any other artist out there, worth keeping on your radar, as she soon will be hard to miss.

“I wanna do it all…own a perfume, magazines, tour the world, create a non profit org for homeless children, clothing line, create cyber record label, build a studio school and more!! Music and videos will be coming soon : ) I love you all thank you for reading about me!


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