Matt Pond PA bring out of state indie music to Velour

New York-based indie folk-rock artist Matt Pond released “Several Arrows Later” 10 years ago and brings his national tour to Provo honoring the album’s initial debut.

Pond often conceptualizes his music in terms of a fight or a struggle. His 10 Year Anniversary Tour performances embody a figurative conflict in presenting past songs and also introducing new tunes from his upcoming album “The State of Gold” set for release on June 30.

“It’s weird to play songs from 10 years ago and then to have written songs in the last couple of years and then to be putting them together,” Pond said in a Monday telephone interview from San Francisco during a tour break. “It’s kind of a little — it’s disconcerting, in a good way.”

Velour Live Music Gallery will host the four-member touring band on Monday with opening acts Young Buffalo, a music act from Mississippi touring with Pond’s band, and local recording artist Issac Russell known by stage name RuRu.

Matt Pond PA will perform the “Several Arrows Later” album in its entirety and will share recent singles such as “More No More” from his latest album, among other favorites.

“It’s getting into the specific stories in my life,” Pond said of the new recordings. “I’ve kind of blended stories with metaphors. What I’ve always tried to do is to relate to people through music.

“In my speaking, I can be a little too oblique or just not direct enough sometimes. So what I found and what I’m finding is it’s just better to be more direct. It’s just getting around your own shyness even with speaking or songwriting or anything.”

He said songs provide a relatively short time to share a story, and focusing in and then out poses certain challenges in capturing everything he hopes to convey.

Much of Pond’s work is self-reflecting in many ways, like the song “Bring Back the Orchestra” he wrote while dating an actress. In the song, Pond writes about how the two of them were fading away from one another due to concerns about who they are, who they were and what they were supposed to be.

The indie artist wrote the song in his head while wandering the streets of Manhattan.

There’s this idea of how many ‘Likes’ or how we’re liked matters — it doesn’t matter at all. It’s so the opposite of what matters,” he said.

“The State of Gold” represents an evolution in Pond’s writing, both lyrically and musically. For example, many of the rhythms were produced to reflect an outward vibe rather than making them feel either staccato or stiff, Pond said.

“It doesn’t go to the same dark corners that I used to go to in the past. And I like dark corners, but this album is a little bit laughing at myself, which is something I would prefer to do rather than just sit in a dark corner,” he said.



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