Album Review: Alogia “Elegia Balcanica”


Musicianship is on dazzling display throughout the album, Elegia Balcanica by the metal band AlogiA a Serbian group with a long and strong history of touring and recording.

Dynamics on this album range from loud to very loud- and it seems to be deliberate. Put your seatbelt on.

In my daily search for new music, I come across many Spotify-recommended artists that all follow the indie formula. It gets a little monotonous listening to synthesizers over an acoustic guitar over some guy’s soft voice moaning about a girl. As much as I love the music, I started to notice how repetitive it was all getting. I needed to branch out.

Well, I didn’t just branch out. I went to a completely new tree.

AlogiA, a Serbian progressive power metal band, is one of the first metal band that I can honestly say I enjoyed listening to fully, lately.


This is a talented band that was able to cross musical borders into several realms of impressive instrumentalism. The guitars are clean and perfectly in-sync with each other, which blew me away. I always love hearing truly creative sounds, and I think AlogiA did very well showing their creativity with guitars

The singer, Nikola Mijić, drives the band with a merciless energy.

No screaming, just amazing vocals

It’s more than enough to match the sound and fury of the instrumentalists. But the instrumentalists, including brothers and founding members Miroslav and Srđan Branković , are virtuosos.

Some intros and breaks feature the rapid fire power of the band, featured in unison riffs and drum fills throughout the record. The Branković brothers, both guitarists, are heavily featured. That’s a good thing.

Songs like “Inferno” showcase harmonic elements and melodic passages which feel to me Eastern and slightly mysterious.

I think western audiences will get a kick out of these progressions as a foil to more typical metal chord progressions. These elements are exciting and again showcase the band’s ability on their instruments.

Some of the additional production touches, strings on Galija or Callis Ad Astra are interesting choices as pads and harmonic support. Decisions like these show some thought and creativity in the production of a record. Not only is that fresh in this genre, but it allows for the record to be a standalone companion to their exciting, raw live shows.

Courtesy Of: Miner Records


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