Exclusive Interview: E Reign Talks Being An Artist And New Music!

1- I began my career in music at the age of ten , the feeling of me expressing my self threw music lead me to this path.

2. To name a few people who inspired me as a artist I would say 2pac , nas , and ll cool j for their unique styles along with classics that they bought to the game that  will last for a lifetime, which is also exactly what i plan on bringing to the game.

3. E-Reign as an artist , I am very creative, diverse ,open minded with the music i create. I stay true to the craft while also adding fun to it.

4. As far as upcoming projects i am currently just working on  releasing more single to give the people more of an idea of who E-REIGN is.

5. To name a few  In pursuing my career  the struggles I’ve came across so far is having the right people around me to build the empire, dealing with people who don’t have your best Interest at  heart, competing with my self to become a better artist .

Listen to his new single here:


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