Solo Indie Artist Elaine Romanelli

Solo indie artist Elaine Romanelli is wracking up superlatives for her newest pop/folk album, The Hour Before, which debuted in April at #3 on the International Folk DJ list.

“Stunning new album” (Broadway World). “A standout from other talents” (Arena). “A beautiful recording from a gifted voice that more people need to hear.” (DJ Ron Olesko)

A two-time finalist in the CT Folk Festival songwriting competition, the singer/pianist and now also guitarist dazzles on stage as well as on her recordings. “Elaine Romanelli is a genuine artist and musician, who puts on an A+ show”, raves The Great Record Chase. If you like Sara Bareilles, Joni Mitchell, or Dar Williams’ music, you’ll probably like Elaine.

“Engaging, nuanced, heartfelt, always intellectually involving and emotionally moving. It is surely no coincidence that one of the songs on her elegant new album is titled ‘Shine.’ Shine she does, and beautifully so.”-Folk legend Si Kahn.


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