Meet The Artistic Likes of Marko Stout


Based in Manhattan, the popular mixed media and installation artist Marko Stout is best known for his fierce depiction of the contemporary female in a wildly debauched New York City. His current series are a reinvention of the femme fatale motif, exposing the modern woman’s powerful role within today’s uber-paced world. In his latest series, the woman reveal a strong sensuality in contrast with the roughness of their industrial urban backgrounds. Through these depictions, Marko plunges the viewer deeply into a hauntingly seductive and an often confrontational relationship with the subject, creating an edgy examination of creative powers of the individual to strive beyond social, cultural, and moral contexts.

Born in South Africa, Marko Stout’s journey was not the path of a conventional artist. As a young child the Stout family relocated to America, eventually settling in a small summertime resort town along the New Jersey seashore. Upon completing his primary education and influences by the writings of Kerouac, Marko took a year traveling throughout the United States and Europe. Ultimately, returning to the States for his university education, earning degrees in biology and medicine. His early vocation was that of a practicing  doctor and medical illustrator in New York City, this career was to be short lived, as karma was pushing him toward more creative pursuits. Marko moved to California and developed a passion for painting and the arts while living on San Francisco Bay aboard a houseboat in the bohemian community of Sausalito. But, like the proverbial moth to a flame, Marko returned to New York City, where he deeply immersed himself as a part of the city’s emerging downtown art scene.

Drawing inspiration from pop legends Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton and Jeff Koons, as well as non-narrative French and Italian cinema and the metaphor rich works of Nietzsche, Marko Stout established a fashionable approach to art-making that truly speaks to the cultural nuances of our time. Through these influences, Marko developed his trademark urban-eqsue imagery and bold use of color, which capture the force and dynamism of city life. As viewers are plunged into his obscure scenes, they become lost in the electric colors and dynamic imagery, which often ignite against organic sensuality. The resulting impact is a stunning contemporary spectacle!


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