The Intoxicating Sounds Of JAHMINGS MACCOW


One of the original pioneers of the Reggae/Rock movement, Jahmings Maccow created a sound that sends your ears and soul on more than a journey! Starting his love for music at the ripe age of only 5 with his harmonica and goal of making good music this artist continues to give the genre presence.

Originally born on Crocus Hill in Crocus Bay on the Island of Anguilla, the British overseas territory in the Caribbean, Jahmings Maccow played in a group from his birth city, going on to become the leader or main musician for “Public Works Steel Band” at 12 and the keyboardist of the band “The Flames” at 13 in St. Thomas.

In the early 70s Maccow was introduced to the music of Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, after his move to New York City in the summer of 1973. To continue with his musical education, Jahmings Maccow moved to Los Angeles, CA in the fall of 1987. Jahmings attended Dick Grove Music School from 1988 to 1990. During his time at Grove he proudly signed a songwriter’s contract with “Sunrise Records”.

The song entitled “Yesterday/Memories” was done by “Buddy Raye” and released on the album entitled “Hollywood Sessions” as a result.“Yesterday/Memories” is one of the songs Jahmings wrote during “The Enforcers” band years.Over the span of his career Jahmings has made various albums, wrote songs for artist, and played in many cities. He embraces music as more than just a hobby and treats as his outlet to help others. Like a true legend Jahmings Maccow continues his passions of music.

Check out his music here:


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