Exclusive Interview With KCO



1. How long have you been doing music?
Over 10 years

2. Tell us about what yo are currently working on?  My grind, my brand to fans and my music.  My attention is on building and reaching fans with thinks like my mixtape due out next month and then the introduction of my single in the second quarter.

3. What can we expect to see from you in the future?  More visuals, videos and shows on the road, bigger movement for Tracc House Entertainment and MORE MUSIC!

4. What is your thoughts on the current state of hip hop?  Everything about it has evolved from style, content and delivery but there are some strong players who have been diversifying the platform.  I feel like the movement and vitality of hip hop is at an all time high presenting a lot of versatility and opportunity for artist.

5. Do you have any collabs your interested in making happen?
Man, if I had a dream collab it would be to work wit Tupac.  I feel like he was a lyrical legend and ahead of his time.  The ultimate opportunity would be to partner with Jeezy on a project, because our life stories and music content intersect.  As an artist he talks about real street shi…he is authentic and that’s what I am on.

6. Who inspired you to do music? My Cousin CO who was killed in 07 – Man, I looked up to him and his craft.  Also, my brother Blizz Hooks, he was always dope to me and once he adjust his content to talk about what was really going on in the streets, I became a bigger fan!

7.  What would be the biggest challenge you have faced since the start of your music career? Trying to get the right team and momentum for the movement.  As a street artist, the balance has been a challenge


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