Get To Know B-Liv


B-Liv it is not only one of the most respected House Producers in México, but also is responsible for that the underground dancefloor in México has become a “procession”.

Released by his renowned imprint My Own Beat Records, B-Liv presents “The Procession” or in Spanish “La Procesion”, launched a few week a go.

The essence is this amazing track is a 4 by 4 groove and a strong bass that work phenomenal with the featured and unique vocal elements of chants of the “Cantores” in Timbiqui in Cauca, Colombia.

It is a kind of tech House tribute to the roots of the Colombian Pacific”. Says B-Liv.


Currently, “The Procession” is ranked in the top 100 of the most important songs of “Tech house” in “Traxsource” and also is ranked a #3 in the Danceworld Mag May Essentials Chart.

This great track, joins other major releases have been announced by B-liv in “PP Unlimited Records” and “Marba Records”.


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