QT Jazz Drops “Faded Royalty” And Covers New Issue of IAMSOM Magazine! @Qtjazz


The Atlanta native recently partnered with Sony to release her latest single “Faded Royalty”, a fun filled dance anthem making it hard not to listen. Known as Atlanta’s Pop Princess, the royalty themed track has a lavish play on words for music lovers. The song speaks of being free from societies opinion and having fun no matter who you are or how you’re portrayed, giving anyone the thought of being royal.

In 2016 she aims to take the center stage with her own solo debut after inking a joint venture with “Sony” and her entertainment company “So Jazzy Ent.” Her voice currently is heating up radio with her single titled “Faded Royalty” produced by Samir, Jasmine is certainly starting off right. She aims to Follow up her release with “Outta My Head” to seize the top of the chart spot she is destined for.

The radio friendly hits “Faded Royalty” and “Outta My Head” serves as Jasmine’s announcement to the world that she is here and surely not going anywhere. A perfect example of how superstars start their career out; Jasmine delivers her smash singles with confidence and skill of an artist set for longevity. Being tapped as a pint size combination of Janet Jackson, Ciara, and Beyonce, QT Jazz proves to be the total package. After seeing her show stopping performance and meeting this ever so humble talent it is evident why QT Jazz is the epitome of a star.

She goes into details of her latest single and more in our new issue releasing July 2016, in the meantime enjoy a snippet from her new single below:


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