Srdjan Brankovic’s Expedition Delta 2 – Album Review


Expedition Delta II is an exuberating experience of amazing music and entertaining lyrics.


The album takes you on a spectacular journey and ends with the song “Connected” which seems to close the journey with non-lyrical music that helps one vast in the conclusion of the journey.

This album has high energy music with lyrics that guide you along the journey.

In-between the beginning and end of the album, the journey is explained through each song showing you how to break the rules and make things happen as you fly through each realm of the journey.

“Canis Major”, helps quiet your mind through the sounds of piano music.

Then the great speech comes about in “Without You”.

Believing this helps you understand and put in to perspective what you have just experienced. The journey continues on throughout the album.

You must hear it to experience it.



Song shows Nikola Mijic’ strong, skilled voice and high energy. It sounds like we are about to go on a journey to the unknown and exciting times of the Expedition. The title fits the song perfectly: yep, indeed, time spent listening to it, has been spectacular.

Break the Rules

Break the Rules as well: similar style of music and vocals Same power and strong energy. Still feel like I am on a journey, leaded by the huge voice of Nikola Mijic, just perfect on each single note

Thank you for The Good Times

Good vibes music. This is a great for song for movie scoring. All the songs thus far should be submitted for movies.

Fly with Me

This is a warm comforting song. Absolutely lovely.

Canis Major

Nice break in style. Nice classical music. Canis Major helps carry you on the journey with your own thoughts as the classical style piano plays on.

Without You

I see this song as a seminar song. You play it after the great speech. Lyrics and music complement each other nicely. Andjela Isic too is an awesome singer! Can’t stop to listen to her

The One Who Lives a Dream

This is another very beautiful song — soft soothing music. With a precious bonus: the voice of Srdjan Brankovic himself on it

House of God

Progressive music that undoubtedly rocks

I Don’t Believe

Very nice song. I believe at this point there could be a different style of music playing so it don’t all sound blended together, and it could give the album a continuous fresh variety of sound with the vocals. The lyrics are definitively cool.

Remember Me

A title… A suggestion… A must.. I’d say… unforgettable!


Nice musical break. Connected allows people to vent out into the songs oblivion!





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