501MAXX is an artist/song-writer & producer from the very small though very well known city of Little Rock, Arkansas. He has been on the underground hip hop/rap music scene in Dallas, Tx as well as his hometown for a while now as he has been networking & honing his skills waiting to put his best foot forward into the music industry. Having lived in Dallas, Tx he was met many of the artist and producers on the underground and major industry level there and nationally as he has lived in Oakland, CA & Detroit, MI.

He has been on various mixtapes from numerous DJs all over the United States such as Dj Rell, Dj 3rdyBaby, DirtyForkDjs, Dj Turn Up, Dj EA Sports and many more! In 2016, 501MAXX released his new radio single 501MAXX – On It Now (feat.Wideframe) which is on the 2 major urban fm radio stations in his hometown and many other internet radio stations all over the world! He is working toward pushing his new single to other urban fm radio stations in other regions and is being featured on blogs and websites due to his networking and high internet presence on social media. His new album is anticipated to be released toward the end of this summer, it is highly likely he will release another lit single before or around that same time! Music from 501MAXX is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, and all other music streaming and digital distribution services!

Get The Latest Single Here:

Spotify: is.gd/ibW5Uo
iTunes: is.gd/HiFxPg

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