Nurtuan – I Like The Way (feat. Elan Noelle)

Nurbek Komekov, better known by his stage name ‘Nurtuan’, established his musical identity with his widely popular single ‘Give Me a Chance’. This Los Angeles based Kazakh singer possesses a poise and fusion of Pop and Rock industrial electronica. Along the line, he turned into the following up-and-comer rising star to keep an eye out for.

A gifted voice with a power-pop style made him stand out in the crowd. After ‘Give Me a Chance’, he once again came up with a brand new single ‘I Like the Way (feat Elan Noelle)’ to shake the audience up who are already been in an uproar.

The Music

The music goes pretty well with its genre. It’s a fun, romantic and energetic electronica. You will immediately be in the groove with this music. The melody was fantastic as it kept lifting up. You will definitely feel like ‘why it finished so soon!?’. There was nothing too profound about the music, it’s a run of the mill pop song with its simplicity.

The way Elan Noelle started the song sounded marvelous and it continued getting better and better with Nurtuan. They definitely accomplished to create a certain magic that can keep the audience enthralled to their rich tone and consistent vocal quality.

The tune was upbeat and genuinely catchy and I quite liked it. It is a easy to remember tune, which is crucial for Commercial success. The melody rings in your head even after the song finished. There weren’t any notable high notes in the song, as a result, the vocals kept the rhythm quite straightforward.

The Lyrics

Well, the lyric was pretty much audience-oriented. With the pop aesthetic nature, the audience can easily make out the lyrical content.

In My Heart

In My Soul

You can See

Your Destiny’

It was a sweet touching lyric for teen in love. The lyric is all about a monologue how the loved ones can feel each other. It’s a ever so charming way of expressing love.

The flow of the words was good with natural rhythmic quality. The words were pretty shallow and easy to understand.

Instrumental Rhythm

Since it was a pop electronica, it had solid beat and strong engaging rhythm that carried the audience along. The rhythmic effects were flowing and quite consistent. The digital effects were not over-used that resulted in a soothing experience. The cadence with vocals can be considered fairly balanced, engaging and heartfelt.

The Verdict

The intended interest group would truly cherish this tune. It’s an infectious tune loaded with early love assessments and song that would move their hearts. The exertion put by Nurtuan and Elan will unquestionably be adored and acknowledged. Nurtuan is a capable vocalist who I accept will develop step by step and unquestionably have the capacity to achieve his top soon.

About Nurtuan

Nurbek Komekov aka Nurtuan was born on February 15th, 1988 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He is a singer, song writer, poet and music director. Nurtuan graduated from Almaty Music High School in 2005 and moved to New York in 2010. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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