SOM Media Networks Creates A New Way To Distribute Music!

Bet Red Carpet pic

SOM Networks has finally launched its distribution hub for film makers and musicians. Both indie talent and majors can now rely on the companies work to handle and facilitate label needs, distribution of digital and physical products, films, music licensing for both musicians/producers and video content creators.

The media company now has distribution and licensing through Sony Music Entertainments’, The Orchard. Also one of the original distributors for hip hop artist Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal, Phonofile. With true aspect on creating the best solution for both brands/businesses, music artist, and film makers SOM is surely to be a top competitor for the independent wave of artist.

What makes SOM different? From the very aspect, that most major label distributors only facilitate physical releases after a certain sales margin, which in some cases may limit the visibility of an album release, or charting aspect for many indie artist.

Owner of the company media proprietor Rueben Wood, says “being apart of the independent movement and helping new acts, has changed over the years and the number one factor that continues to hinder progress of real talent versus overnight success is visibility. SOM Networks will be the new home of many indie artist and majors that may want to stay indie and own more rights and publishing to their music.”

Music artist can submit music today by visiting:

Film makers can submit trailer here:


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