Sophia Daniz Releases New Album Day Dreaming

A 14-years old songwriter and performer, Sophia becomes more and more popular thanks to her tender voice and unique musical talents.

Sophia is only 14, but she is already a star thanks to her extraordinary music gifts and her youthful eagerness to prove herself to the world. Her hard work gave results and now she is viewed by music experts as an emerging artist with her own unique style and sound. Her album, Day Dreaming, is gaining popularity in iTunes.

While she’s so young, she understands the importance of finding her own way, her own unique sound and message as a recording artist. It is important for her to be Sophia, the first, not anyone else. I throw a song at her to play on piano and by the next week, not only has she gotten what I taught her down, she’s added her own new notes and rhythms. In the recording studio, she brings her own specific perspective on sounds and feel to the production. Sophia writes naturally catchy hooks on her own and is developing her songwriting skills day by day. She is, in my opinion, someone to watch out for in terms of becoming a creative contributor to the music industry. She’s not afraid of the gigs, the people, the rejection, the time or the work.

Music is just who she is, and as life experiences and time will provide her with more material, she is the kind of person who will bring honest individuality to the table. Now, wouldn’t that be such a refreshing thing in today’s music?! Right now, we are recording at Hit Music Studios with producer and engineer, Jimm Mosher to put a strong foot out into the radio waves. It will be a culmination of this talented girl’s vision, unique imagination and the vocal and songwriting chops to match. The songs cover the emotional spectrum, from catchy fun and sticking in your head for days to meaningful, innocent questioning about her current stage in life. She is relatable and stays true to herself. And it’s only the beginning.


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