Kalene Performs Don’t Shut It Off Live at Muse Exchange

Singer-songwriter Kalene is a pop/rock artist whose unique Broadway-influenced vocal style has helped her develop a loyal fan base in the Long Island/New York City area.

Born Kalene Maria Speranza on October 17, 1995, Kalene was raised in Hicksville, New York, and is an alumna of Hicksville High School.

Her first foray into performing music, aside from participating in her high-school choir, was at an annual festival hosted by her hometown — a performance that earned critical praise and appreciation among her peers and which brought Kalene and musician Matt Miller (also a former Hicksville High School alum) together. Shortly following, Kalene and Matt decided to collaborate on a new project, rebranding themselves as a band called Medium. Unfortunately, due to conflicting views and aspirations, Kalene and Matt ended Medium after only a handful of performances.


One thought on “Kalene Performs Don’t Shut It Off Live at Muse Exchange

  1. Kalene is an absolute treasure! Her focus, drive and passion are just a few of her incredible attributes and I say that as a close friend. She is going to go far if given the chance, because she knows that real art is worth the fight!


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